Why Do I Get Bored Easily?

One of the problems I have been trying to fight with lately is boredom. I’ve been trying to find the root cause of this for quite a few months now. Turns out that there are various reasons that could add up to my boredom – one of them being impatience. Other reasons might include inability to experience something better than what has happened in the past.

So, what does boredom exactly mean and how does it get triggered? Boredom doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to do – who do you think has nothing to do in this world? Everyone has – a mind is never idle unless intoxicated. Boredom is a state of mind that tells you that you have better and more important things to do in your life than what you are doing already. It’s only the subconscious mind which tells you that you are bored and it does have valid reasons to tell you that.

I’ve read about opioids – chemical in the brain that gives us pleasure. Remember when you saw the waterfall for the first time – that’s when these chemicals get released and give you a wow effect. What happened when you see a waterfall for the second time? Boring!

Now we’re getting closer to deduce the reasons for getting bored. As a matter of fact, this holds true for most of my cases – whether it is work or personal relationships. Consider that you’re working on something that keeps you awake at night and it’s a terrific project that very few people get to work on – and then you are asked to fix minor bugs in someone else’s code (that’s like asking you to smell someone’s shit). The latter is boring because you’ve had better experiences in the past and your brain wants more of it and something that’s more intense.

One may ask a question – why don’t drug addicts get bored of taking drugs daily? That’s because they start with a small quantity and after the initial release of opioids, your brain wants a much stronger dose of it – and you dive in it. That’s how addiction happens. You can never settle for something less – you want more.

Relate the aforementioned facts with relationships and attractions. How long would you find the same person attractive? Initially yes, but later you would see people who are more attractive. That’s how you break up in a relationship often because it’s not love. I wish I could speak more about what love is but that would be out of scope for this post.

I had been wondering how people agree to the fact that they never get bored. I can see only two possible reasons for that – either you are going through a phase of life where you find everything new and interesting. Sure that won’t live for long and that’ when you realise what boredom is. Or you’re too busy to think about what I have been talking about since the beginning of this post. If you’ve read till here, I’m pretty sure you know what boredom is and you know that you too get bored 😉

Image Credit: The Guardian

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